Update on Reinventing colleges and universities posted March 13, 2010

The March Eye posting proposed a new approach for higher education, life long contracts with a student’s college or university so that it will be a support system for life. This will facilitate a “student’s” ability to adapt to all changes throughout his or her working life.

A July column by Thomas Friedman highlighted the “realities of a new job market”. Friedman quotes Garrett Hoffman, a “premier starter-upper in Silicon Valley” as declaring, “No career is a sure thing any more. The uncertain, rapidly changing conditions in which entrepreneurs state companies is what it’s now like for fashioning a career. Therefore you should approach career strategy the same way an entrepreneur approaches starting a business.” In other words, ditch a grand life plan and build your muscles of resilience.

In the new world it may mean returning to college 2, 5, 10 or more times in a lifetime of work to fashion a new career to simply to adjust to changes in a current career path. Today, colleges and universities are still oriented to preparing students with a grand life plan. They are not doing their students any favor by doing so.


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