Update on NY State Parks-May 2011

While there is still reason to be concerned about the fate of many state parks, NY’s state park agency has stepped in by letter to the Town Supervisor of Lewiston (4 days after my blog on the subject and weeks after news of potential development circulated) to essentially tell him that development like that for a conference center will not be allowed at Joseph Davis State Park. It will be interesting to see if the Town of Lewiston will want to continue the contract arrangement for operation and management of the State Park under the strict limitation requirements stated in the Park’s Master Plan and state and federal law. Can the Town afford the responsibilities that go with the requirement especially if the state imposes a property tax cap on municipalities? The simple and best solution for the welfare of the state is for state government to fully accept its ongoing responsibilities to protect State Parks and to partner with state heritage areas in perpetuity. Until the Governor make it clear that the state parks agency is going to fully and directly meet its responsibilities, the warning light stays on.


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One Response to “Update on NY State Parks-May 2011”

  1. paulette glasgow Says:

    You need to know that town of lewiston, specifically Reiter, is trying to do an end run around the “lecense agreement” he signed regarding jos davis by creating a local development corporation and getting an attorney to approch the state parks about re-opening the terms on the original agreement. Reiter and “supposed” LDC has hired an attorney, Michael Townsend, a management counsultant, opened a checking account, paid the filing fee to the state to create “Joseph Davis State Park Local Development Coroporation”, passed bylaws, elected officers and gone out to secure through RFD D & O {Directors and Officers} Liability Insurance, ALL WITHOUT HAVING ANY MONEY TO DO ANY OF THIS!!!
    Further Reiter had another meeting with state parks regional director Brian Kane and parks lawyers telling them again that Lewiston and Reiter specially is to follow the terms of the license agreement he signed with the state. This meeting occurred on Tuesday, May 24th.

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